We deliver innovative, efficient, and value-added integrated business, technology and process solutions by executing a high level of business ethics and integrity. Pinak Infotech Pvt. Ltd. agility helps create long term sustainability for our stakeholders, by providing exemplary talent and customer service.

Company Profile

Pinak Infotech is a global management, information technology consulting service, and outsourcing organization. Our approach is to use our deep expertise in enterprise, extend enterprise solutions and outsourcing to help our clients create value for their customers and stakeholders. We use our industry and business-process knowledge, coupled with our awareness and understanding of emerging technologies, and new business and technology trends to design and implement solutions for our clients. We strive to help our clients improve their operational performance, deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently, and grow their businesses in existing and new markets. We consider each of our clients unique, strive to design solutions exclusive to their business needs, and intend to help our clients move forward in every part of their businesses, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations.

Utilizing our global delivery model, Pinak Infotech works to deliver projects using various delivery models such as on-site, near-site, off-shore and blend-shore.


Consolidate as a global management and technology consulting firm, a leader in offering solutions and services to the most demanding market. Continue innovating and developing a most valuable asset, our people.


Our spectrum of expertise in Enterprise Solutions, Supply Chain Management, Digital Commerce and Applications Development will provide you with services for all your business needs. Pinak Infotech has a proven success rate of completing projects on time and in the budget.


Values: Respect, Service and Integrity

Respect others and Respect the natural environment sets the essence in Pinak Infotech: we are pursuing that each team member sees their daily work as Recreational activity by doing what they enjoy the most, and always acting with Responsibility. We believe that Reflection is the primary source of learning; it increases the capability to Resolve challenges with the highest Reliability daily. By developing professionals with a high level of Rationality to obtain our customers’ and market’s Recognition, we can consolidate a strong Reputation to become one of the best consulting firms in the market.

Service to the customer and the community is our highest priority action and habit. With a strong Service vocation inside and outside the company, our Solidarity will be increased to keep Self-control and develop the right Synergy among chain value participants. Building a Support discipline in every agent engaged during our process, we will always be seeking customer satisfaction. From the first day that Pinak Infotech started operations, we have actively worked with this Spirit, and we will continue in this direction, transmitting Stability and providing the Security expected from our customers.

Integrity is the leading natural characteristic of Pinak Infotech. With Innovation as our engine, each of Pinak Infotech team member keeps its Individuality due to the Independence they are empowered to and the confidence we have to let them fully utilize their talent and Intelligence. During these years, Pinak Infotech has confirmed that people Involvement is part of our positive attitude to support our Imagination in finding the best possible solutions to fulfill our customers’ requirements. Pinak Infotech strongly believes in people’s Individuality and Intelligence as the primary foundation for a reliable corporation.